Take advantage of 果酱视频官网’s world-class research and technology expertise to improve your business performance. Working alongside leading academics and experts, a KTP enables you to collaborate with us to deliver an innovation project and bring about lasting, transformative change in your business.

At Cranfield we take knowledge from our areas of expertise in Aerospace, Defence and Security, Energy and Sustainability, Environment and Agrifood, Management, Manufacturing and Materials, Transport Systems, and Water and apply it to your business needs.

A KTP provides a valuable opportunity to drive innovation, develop new products, services and skills, gain access to the latest technology, and increase your competitiveness in the global marketplace. If you have an innovative and challenging idea to advance your business but need additional knowledge and capability to fulfil your ambition, a KTP with Cranfield could be the perfect solution.

Your business will also gain long-term benefits, building capacity and a culture of innovation within your organisation, and develop long-lasting relationships with our university experts. Additional benefits include:

  • Access to the knowledge base of our world-leading university; Cranfield’s latest research and expertise can help your business improve its competitiveness and productivity;
  • A dedicated team to deliver your strategic project, including a KTP Associate (project manager) who is a suitably qualified graduate recruited to lead on project delivery;
  • Subsidised costs: Innovate UK contributes 67% of the total project costs for SMEs, 50% for large companies, and 75% of project costs for not-for-profit businesses of any size, making KTP an affordable venture;
  • Innovation momentum: through harnessing our research expertise, cutting-edge technology and equipment, you can gain momentum in your innovation process, improving your products and services.

Innovate UK manages the KTP scheme and has reported that 94% of KTP projects complete and achieve, or over-achieve, their objectives. Every £1 of KTP grant invested is converted to up to £8 net extra gross value added (GVA).

Based on latest figures from Innovate UK, a business could expect to benefit, on average, from a KTP in the following ways:

  • £60k increase in pre-tax profit during the lifetime of the project;
  • £600k per annum increase in pre-tax profit for the three years following completion of the project;
  • £650k per annum increase in exports for the three years following completion of the project;
  • £300k investment in plant and machinery;
  • £160k investment in further research and development;
  • 2 new jobs created;
  • 20 staff trained.