We are committed to making our research output freely available via open access. It helps us to demonstrate the breadth and depth of our capabilities, stimulate new research opportunities, and maximise the visibility and impact of our work. As well as ensuring we meet the needs of our research funders, it also benefits the wider society.

Our research publications database

CERES (Cranfield Collection of e-Research) contains our peer-reviewed publications, including journal articles, PhD theses, book chapters, working papers and technical reports.

Our research data repository

CORD (Cranfield Online Research Data) contains the underlying research data used to support our publications, from spreadsheets to multimedia to code. It also holds other valuable non-peer-reviewed outputs such as white papers and video presentations of research. Data is preserved for a default of 10 years but is not all open access, as restrictions are applied where there are ethical, legal, or commercial sensitivities.