Reframing your investment in corporate learning as a strategic lever

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Reframe your approach to organisational learning and development.

Individuals and organisations are redefining the notion of learning, what it means to them and the value it creates. We engage with you early on in your journey, helping you to place learning at the heart of your organisation, using it as a strategic lever to deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

Acting as an enabler, we work as a strategic partner, bringing the core capability of our combined expertise and integrating market-leading capability from our network of partners. Our specialist consultants will work with you to determine how to drive value in your context and develop a roadmap for change. Your organisation can access the resources, assets and knowledge associated with a top-ranking, globally-recognised university to embed a learning system architecture which will drive strategy execution and competitive advantage, ultimately delivering your goals.

Our approach includes

  • Current state analysis
  • Roadmap development
  • Identification of value drivers
  • Investment model
  • Breadth of resources
  • Outsourced Corporate Academy
  • Impact measurement
  • Operational management

Our model

Select the nodes in the infographic to explore our unique approach to consultancy.

When to engage us

You are planning to increase value from your investment in learning.

You are not seeing the results that you anticipated from previous investment.

You have completed a range of initiatives and want to understand how to gain more value from your investment.

You are reimagining your approach to learning in the new era.

Why consultancy

Design for Impact™

Benefit from our proprietary methodology grounded in more than 10 years of research. All our learning strategies, frameworks, instruments and tools are designed to deliver maximum impact towards your organisational goals.

Driving value

Global events are driving the need to redefine the notion of learning in your organisation. Develop new thinking and strategic approaches that unlock opportunities and increase the value of your investment.

Learning as a strategic lever

Shift your internal system of thinking about learning as a reactive response towards it being a proactive strategic driver. Reframe your approach to organisational learning and development and become a modern learning organisation.

Learning as a catalyst

By thinking of learning as the catalyst for change, your people can be equipped to overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities at all levels through a solution rooted in education.

Gain competitive advantage

Meet the expectations of your most forward-thinking employees in relation to their development and career. Become an employer of choice in your sector and achieve competitive advantage by setting your organisation apart as being at the forefront of thinking and action.

Knowledge into action

Nothing works in all contexts. We will identify opportunities and guide you to create the conditions for learning, ensuring your employees are equipped with the tools and skills they need to deliver tangible impact.

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Pioneers in developing people and organisations, offering a unique solution combining leadership and management development services, blended with technical expertise. Download the brochure to discover more about our solutions.

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Leading Across the Business

Cranfield's collaborative approach helped to secure leadership support and broader engagement from across the organisation. The flexible and adaptive co-design philosophy ensured the programme remained organisationally aligned and value-adding. The programme provided a global overview across the whole AirAsia business (from commercial to operations to HR) and facilitated individual leadership growth and development across these areas.

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Get maximum impact from your learning strategy

Engage with our consultants to develop a learning strategy that will deliver on your organisational goals.