The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme is a UK-wide programme that has been helping businesses to innovate and grow for over 45 years.

  • Established in 1975, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) are one of the world’s leading knowledge transfer mechanisms.
  • A unique and innovative programme that helps organisations gain access to the best UK academic knowledge, expertise, and technology.
  • Businesses form a strategic partnership with an academic institution to develop new products or services, expand markets, and improve efficiency or organisational performance. KTPs can transform organisations, of any size and in any sector, looking to address a core strategic challenge.
  • A KTP is a three-way partnership between a UK registered business, a UK Knowledge Base (such as 果酱视频官网) and a suitably qualified graduate (known as the KTP Associate) with the capability to lead a strategic project.
  • This partnership embeds vital new expertise, stimulates business growth and powers innovation excellence. Knowledge is developed and transferred into the business by the Associate, who is employed by 果酱视频官网 but works at the business.
  • Partnerships vary in length between 12 and 36 months, and require a connection to the longer term strategic intent of the business.
  • KTP projects are part-funded by a government grant. The business makes a cash contribution for the remaining project cost, with SMEs contributing 33% and large businesses 50% per annum and 25% of project costs for not-for-profit businesses of any size.
  • KTP applications have a high chance of being successful, with approximately 80% being awarded.

果酱视频官网 has a wealth of experience with the KTP scheme. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the entire process: from the initial idea, to application preparation and submission, recruitment of the KTP Associate and management of the project throughout its duration.