We offer a portfolio of Level 7 apprenticeships at Cranfield – a world-leading, exclusively postgraduate university – working in partnership with business and industry to create the next leaders in technology and management.

Current apprenticeship opportunities

Bioinformatics Apprenticeship Standard

This apprenticeship equips graduate scientists with the computational skills and awareness needed to process, analyse and interpret the vast amounts of biological data now becoming available. This apprenticeship is equally suitable for candidates from life sciences disciplines who aim to gain the programming and computational skills through this course, and graduates with IT/computer science background who want to gain the molecular biology understanding to become bioinformaticians.

Digital Technology Solutions Specialist Standard

Our Digital and Technology Solutions Apprenticeship programme is unique and innovative compared to other courses as it takes a systems view to offer awareness and hands-on knowledge to design and develop digital technologies and solutions (including AI/Machine learning, digital twins, AR/VR, data analytics, data management) across industries that rely on complex engineered products and services. We will blend technical and managerial skills to promote the creation, adoption, and evolution of digital technologies and solutions. We will also take an innovative approach to deliver the course with cutting edge blended learning methods.

Postgraduate Engineer Apprenticeship Standard

The Engineering Competence Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) is a unique opportunity to sponsor your early career employees on a highly-regarded postgraduate programme to develop their engineering competence, whilst actively taking forward your organisation’s capabilities.

Materials Process Engineer Standard

The Manufacturing Technology and Management MSc addresses the knowledge, skills and behaviour requirements of the Materials Process Engineer Degree Apprenticeship Standard (Level 7). The Materials Process Engineer programme has been developed specifically to meet the high demand for technical specialism, combined with commercial and problem-solving skills applicable to a variety of thermal process-related industries.

Ordnance Munitions and Explosives Specialist Standard 

The Explosives Ordnance Engineering Apprenticeship will teach you the necessary understanding behind explosive engineering, munitions and target response and look to the future in explosives development. The course offers advanced academic background necessary for students to contribute effectively to technically demanding projects in the field of explosives and explosives ordnance engineering (EOE).

Risk and Safety Management Professional Standard

果酱视频官网, in partnership with CAA International, offers this new apprenticeship to deliver the Risk and Safety Management Professional Apprenticeship to the aviation industry. Providing the opportunity to further develop their staff’s skills, knowledge and behaviour in the areas of safety management, risk, law, regulations, incident and accident investigation, human factors and leadership on a unique postgraduate programme, whilst they are actively taking forward your organisation’s capabilities.


Senior Leader Apprenticeship Standard 

Our Level 7 Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship provides you with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to become a professional leader of the future. A senior leader is someone who has senior management responsibility which may include governance or director responsibilities. They will be responsible for direction and vision and providing strategic drive, analysing market trends, influences and identifying opportunities and risk.

Senior People Professional Standard

The Senior People Professional Apprenticeship aims to develop Human Resource (HR) professionals to take a strategic approach in championing the people agenda, future-proof the workforce, develop inclusive cultures and an engaging employee experience journey while creating high-performing work environments where employees flourish in their work and wellbeing.

Senior Investment/Commercial Banking Professional Apprenticeship Standard

Our Sustainable and Digital Banking (Retail) MSc provides a unique opportunity for you to gain an advanced-level understanding of retail banking, digital business, management, organisation management, marketing and business strategy and underpins our Senior Investment / Commercial Banking Professional Apprenticeship. 

Soil Science Apprenticeship Standard

Co-designed by UK industry, the Soil Scientist Apprenticeship will equip and upskill organisations with the knowledge, understanding, tools, practices, and resources to achieve optimal soil management. It will deepen your knowledge of soils across diverse land-use contexts, delve into cutting-edge technologies for effective decision-making, showcase best practice in analysing soils on and off site, and help you build the personal competencies you need as a soil scientist.  

Sustainability Business Specialist Apprenticeship Standard

The Sustainability MSc is designed in consultation with industry to equip sustainability professionals and leaders in organisations of all sizes with this critical mix of technical and management skills. It will deepen students’ knowledge of the theory and practice of organisational sustainability, and help them build the personal competencies required to lead and manage change towards improved sustainability performance.

Systems Engineer Apprenticeship Standard

Our Level 7 Systems Engineering Master’s Apprenticeship prepares learners for the professional practice of systems engineering roles in multi-disciplinary teams across a range of industries. The course content and delivery focus on SE professionals working in distributed, agile teams using shared models and flexible working approaches. Emphasis is placed on professional skills such as leadership, team working, communication, data management, ethics etc.

Systems Thinking Practitioner Apprenticeship Standard

The ever-changing external climate we now find ourselves in has changed how organisations work and their decision-making process. Systems thinking has become critical to success; organisations need to focus on their systems and the need for adaptability and resilience like never before. This apprenticeship will help you develop your knowledge and application of systems thinking to support organisational viability and the development of appropriate governance and decision making processes for organisations.

Through-life Engineering Services (TES) Specialist Standard

The Through-life Systems Sustainment MSc provides an essential foundation for future leaders in organisations who wish to optimise the value in-use and cost in-use for long-life engineering assets. Delegates will gain essential skills needed for future leaders in organisations who wish to optimise the value in-use and cost in-use for long-life engineering assets such as planes, vehicles, power plants, machine tools and more.

NOTE: Minimum numbers required to deliver off site, please contact the Apprenticeships Office for further details.