We have a range of exciting Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) projects in our portfolio, including:

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Ltd
We are working with Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Ltd to embed the knowledge and capabilities to incorporate a sector-leading fatigue prediction tool to allow for rapid product development and expansion of Dunlop's aircraft tyre product line.

Julia Charles Event Management Ltd
We are working with JCEM to develop an intelligent novel platform that assesses planned events to a) make recommendations to reduce the environmental impact and, b) verify event-based greenhouse gas emission levels and align these to sector standards. 

Levidian Nanosystems Ltd
We are working with Levidian Nanosystems Ltd to embed skillsets in digital twin development to maximise the operational efficiency of a core company product.

Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited
We are working with Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited to embed the knowledge and capabilities to identify and proceed with Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) customer-validated and customer-led innovative V2X (vehicle-connected-to-everything) features. 

Operational Solutions Ltd
We are working with Operational Solutions Ltd to embed the knowledge and capabilities within Operational Solutions Ltd to deliver novel solutions to assimilate, process and analyse complex data from multiple, dissimilar sensors to provide world-leading solutions against unmanned aerial vehicle disruption.

OTM Servo Mechanism Ltd (OTM)
We are working with OTM Servo Mechanism Ltd (OTM) to build on their existing bespoke actuator product offering. By developing embedded knowledge and capabilities in integrated aircraft control systems, we will be able to offer clients an innovative, bespoke, rapidly developed and deployed flight control system.

Richmond Defence Systems Ltd
We are working with RDS Ltd to embed capabilities in algorithm development to create a novel first-to-market explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) system that allows operators the means to neutralise IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and UXBs (unexploded bombs) with reduced deployment time-to-target, terrain challenges, and ground safety hazards.

Siemens Energy Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd 
We are working with Siemens Energy Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd to embed the knowledge and capabilities to develop and maintain an in-house obsolescence management toolkit, for early detection and mitigation of obsolescence risks. This will be used in order to proactively manage our customers' obsolescence risk and to provide services in obsolescence management.

We are working with Yara UK Ltd to embed the knowledge, skills and capabilities to develop and market a completely new sustainable line of fertiliser products with evidence-backed technical rigour.