Our work spans the entire spectrum from early innovative thinking through to practical application. We are multidisciplinary and are able to bring together a variety of technologies and different expertise for a total solution.

Access to our expertise can be through direct or competitive research commissions that we can help you cost, through small pilot projects, direct consultancy or long-term strategic partnerships that span the University's expertise.

Businesses choose to work with us because of our deep knowledge and outstanding reputation. Combined with our industrial-sized test facilities and professional contract management ability, this allows us to deliver unrivalled solutions for our clients.

Making an impact

Our working culture encourages close engagement with industry at both strategic and operational level, listening to the challenges businesses face to understand how we can support them. We have earned the trust of industry through decades of working in partnership and we are passionate about continuing this legacy. We want our staff to take their ideas into the real world and make an impact.

Effective partnerships

Our established clients, whether industry or research based, are also our primary research partners in collaborative research projects. We also work with many other research and university partners from around the world, with the aim of helping them to build effective teams to deliver the required outputs and ensure effective technology transfer. Find out how to engage with us on research projects. 

Scoping your project

Sometimes simply scoping the project effectively can help focus solutions. We are able to help organisations focus on the real issues, but can also assist in identifying exactly what resources might contribute to the successful outcome. This could include evaluating sizeable potential funding streams.

Modelling, testing and scaling-up

For organisations to estimate, test and forecast their development and manufacturing challenges, specialist facilities are often required, be they physical or via sophisticated software modelling. Our specialist facilities enable this and are often on an industrial scale, niche and unavailable anywhere else in the world. Whether it is a full-size, configurable passenger aircraft, an algae farm, or an oil and gas rig with extensive test capabilities, we are able to scale up life-cycle processes to predict and pre-empt potential future issues reducing the risks for future investment.

Sean Tyrrel

We are providing solutions and working together with our partners to co-produce solutions to problems that really matter. It feels good to be part of an organisation that does this.

Professor Sean Tyrrel, Pro-Vice-Chancellor 鈥 Education