Our experience in designing and commissioning specialist solutions enables us to develop new solutions to respond to industry-wide and specific client requirements. We provide a joined up service to your business, working with you flexibly to meet your evolving strategies and aims. Uppermost at all times is our ability to understand our clients' needs and to identify those where Cranfield’s own particular interests coincide.

Our business engagement process offers a dedicated end-to-end service to our clients, whatever their size and whatever the nature of their question. From first-time enquirers from industries all over the world to new questions from different departments within existing partners, we can introduce you to our relevant experts using and adapting emerging techniques.

How we work with you

We responsively connect corporate enquirers with relevant academic practitioners and ensure that our communications are business-like, timely and directed towards the needs of our customers. We ensure that wherever necessary, legal, contractual and financial necessities are put in place so that pre-proposal discussions can take place in an atmosphere of understanding and trust, unhindered by concerns of commercial vulnerability.

Plan your business

To estimate, test and forecast your organisation development and manufacturing challenges, specialist facilities are often required, whether physical or virtual, such as sophisticated software modelling.

Develop a partnership

We agree terms, conditions and working practices in advance, covering both technology and people development project options, facilitating access for individuals and groups within the partnership. We will guide stakeholders in different areas of your business towards areas of expertise to match your overall organisational needs. In doing this, long-term sustainable partnerships can be engendered benefiting both sides. The development of a long-term relationship can save vast amounts of time, reduce unnecessary expense, allow pro-active and creative interactions and enhance efficiency.

Funding opportunities

With the help of our Research and Innovation Office we will investigate suitable joint bid proposals where universities and businesses are eligible to apply for funding. This public funding, if successfully secured, can add to a business’s own funding, and that of other partners in the case of multi-partners projects, leveraging R&D budgets and answering research questions for each contributor.

Contact the Business Engagement Team to discuss your requirements.