We combine world renowned vehicle and weapon system technology expertise from individual elements to highly complex military systems.

The capability provides research, consultancy, and a range of educational courses in weapon and vehicle systems and their design, dynamics and related subjects. This also covers general engineering and design. 

We have gained an international reputation for its work in the fundamental areas of weapons and vehicle design. Meeting challenges from both military and civilian organisations, we apply our knowledge and expertise at the limits of current physical, engineering and technological capability to provide solutions to a broad range of problems.

Current and recent research and consultancy projects include a wide ranging programme of work for the MoD to assist future weapon procurement decisions and an initial design review for the AUStyre EF-88 Assault Rifle for the Australian Department of Defence.

About our research

Our research is highly regarded internationally and our academics are called upon to undertake progressive research projects and to provide impartial, expert advice on their subjects. Our approach to research and consultancy projects is flexible. While our main areas of research are defence and security, we often apply our knowledge to other sectors or to bring together multidisciplinary teams combining the skills of a number of academic areas.

Our research influences and informs the global defence and security sector. Forged through a distinctive blend of expertise, experience and facilities, we are leaders in defence and security research.

Working with us

There are a variety of ways in which your organisation can engage and work with us. We can provide real-world solutions that support and inform your operations, products and services. To highlight a few of the ways that you can work with us:

• Provision of expert advice;
• Sponsor a PhD student research project;
• Commission a research project;
• Collaborate on an research activity or project;
• Provision of support to a master's project;
• Commission a customised development programme, tailored to the requirements of your organisation;
• Commission a consultancy project. 


Clients and partners

We work closely with the military, industry and government departments to influence and provide leading solutions to major global defence and security challenges.

Examples of key business clients and partners include:

• RAF,
• Research Councils,
• BAE Systems,
• FCO,
• MOD,
• Chemring,
• AEL Mining,
• Honda.