Areas of expertise

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  • Metal casting torch

    Advanced Casting Science and Technologies

    Progressing casting technologies towards sustainable design and manufacturing

  • Aeronautical Systems

    The design and optimisation of aeronautical systems for greener and more efficient aircraft

  • Aerospace Manufacturing

    The enhancement of aircraft materials, assembly and automation for aerospace manufacturing

  • Aerospace Materials

    Developing materials for aeronautical applications to ultimately lower emissions by aircraft

  • Aerospace Structures

    The development of aero-structures using advanced materials to extend service life of aircraft

  • Ageing & Chronic Disease

    Turning medical innovation into practical, beneficial healthcare solutions for the elderly

  • Agrifood Systems

    Delivering a secure food supply in the face of population, environmental and economic trends and constraints

  • Air

    Air quality and climate change are two major environmental challenges facing society

  • Air Transport Management

    Addressing complex challenges, including concerns about the environment, pressures from a competitive market with a growing need for stronger customer focus

  • Air Transport Safety & Investigation

    Education, training and research on the number one priority for the aviation industry: safety

  • Aircraft Design

    Working towards environmentally friendly and cost effective aviation in the civil and military arenas

  • Airworthiness

    Improving airworthiness compliance from the design process through life to in-service aircraft maintenance

  • Bioinformatics diagram

    Applied Informatics

    The application of informatics in the environmental, agricultural and biological fields

  • Armour systems

    Our work and expertise as one of the primary light armour test facilities in the world

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Our AI, data science and robotics capabilities are grounded in finding solutions to practical challenges