Our research combines data analytics, field and laboratory measurement of natural capital components, with novel sensor and monitoring capabilities to offer new insights into the functioning, and responses, of the natural environment to stresses and pressures.

These insights, developed as models, simulations and scenarios, provide tools which support policy and decision making processes. Our research also enables the development of effective policy, regulatory, governance and management approaches to monitor, protect, enhance, and restore natural capital. Protecting, enhancing, and restoring natural capital to ensure the continuing flow of ecosystem goods and services is an urgent societal challenge.

Our research is focused on two main areas:

  • The development and application of conceptual and spatial models which describe current and future stocks of natural capital and consequent flows of ecosystems services together with the consideration of landscape integrity and habitat connectivity.
  • The identification, measurement, protection, conservation, restoration and enhancement of Natural Capital across the whole range of land uses, from natural ecosystems, through agricultural production to urban areas.
  • Effective management interventions, governance arrangements, policy development and regulatory approaches in these areas.

Our facilities

Our research, consultancy and training activities are underpinned by world-class facilities and service resources that are unique to Cranfield:

Clients and partners

We are supported by funding from UK Government and funding bodies (Research Councils, Innovate, Wolfson, Defra), EU research programmes and through our industry partners and Agri-tech partners ( and ).