The national, EU and global importance of energy and the environment is increasing, as we work towards a more sustainable future in terms of how we manage our environment whilst providing energy for a growing population.

Our work in this area covers the full remit of renewable and low-carbon energy systems, including:

  • Solar,
  • Wave and tidal,
  • Waste and biomass,
  • Wind.

The work undertaken in these areas covers the technical considerations of each system, alongside the environmental impacts and benefits. The importance of this area of research is to identify sources of low carbon energy sources, understand the political issues associated with each and to review the challenges in implementing such schemes. One such example is the use of land for the growth of non-food crops for energy recovery; this requires an understanding of the land availability, impacts on the soil quality and the overall environmental impacts regarding offsetting fossil fuels, the transportation and security of supply.

Our laboratory and pilot-scale facilities enable us to undertake a wide-range of energy and environmental related work.

Working with us

We are internationally renowned for working closely with industry. We partner with many leading businesses in this area to deliver innovative solutions to their real-life problems.

Our world-class academics have proven research records and are in constant touch with industry whether through education, delivery of short courses or providing consultancy.  

Our research benefits from the strong synergy that has been developed between the science, engineering and management disciplines ensuring that concepts and solutions can be employed by modern day business.

About our research

Our greatest strength is the ability to combine the academic rigour and long-term perspective of a university with the commercial and business focus of industry.

Our excellence in strategic and applied research has enabled us to make significant contributions to the world around us for over 60 years. We address real life challenges and focus on research that is of strategic and practical importance.

We provide a supportive research community for students and our academic work is regularly published in journal article, book or thesis form.

Clients and partners

We frequently work with a number of research and industrial clients. We can provide one-to-one consultancy solutions or work as part of a consortium of partners.

Research partners include:

• Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
• Ellen McArthur Foundation
• Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)
• Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
• Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
• Energy Technologies Institute (ETI)
• Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

Business clients we have worked with include:

• Eon
• National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
• Shanks
• Viridor
• Yorkshire Water.