Help and support is always close at hand at 果酱视频官网, whether you need assistance with your studies or to make the most of your time on campus. Here are the main sources of advice and guidance:

Student Wellbeing and Disability Support

The Student Wellbeing and Disability Support team can be found at both Cranfield and Shrivenham, and they act as a central source of information for students. They offer professional and confidential advice, such as the co-ordination of disability and learning support, and guidance to help you make the most of your time at the University and to access the many resources available to you.

Further information about the support we can provide can be found on the Wellbeing page.

Cranfield Students' Association

The Cranfield Students' Association (CSA) represents all 果酱视频官网 students. It is run by a team of elected students and a small team of staff, overseen by independent Trustees. Representation and promotion of the student voice are at the heart of the CSA's objectives, and many opportunities are provided for students to express their opinions on their Cranfield experience.

The CSA is a registered charity, and all income is used for the benefit of Cranfield students. This includes students welfare, the organisation of social and cultural events and support for societies and sports clubs. 

CSA (Shrivenham) takes part in induction and graduation, organises trips and social events, and supports the sale of University merchandise. 

CSA (Cranfield) provides a varied social programme, including discos, live entertainment, trips and family-oriented events. It runs a bar, café and shop.

More information about CSA activities can be found on the .

Sadeq Almeaibed Image

Cranfield felt like home, and I was welcomed by everyone. As a Muslim, I was so glad to find a mosque on campus to pray, which made me feel comfortable and proved that Cranfield take care of everyone from different cultures.

Sadeq Almeaibed, Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc 2019

Health, wellbeing and worship

Life at university brings many challenges, from meeting academic expectations to adapting to student life away from friends and family – sometimes in a foreign country – to getting to know new people and adapting to new surroundings.
In these circumstances, it’s important to look after your health and wellbeing, in all its forms. Take a look at the Wellbeing and Worship pages for additional information and support on:

  • Health,
  • Counselling services,
  • Disability and learning,
  • Places of worship.

Medical services

If you are from a European Economic Area (EEA) country, you should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for you and your family before you travel to the UK, to ensure you are able to use NHS medical services. 

Spouses and children of international (non-EEA) students are eligible for some NHS treatments, providing that the students' course is for six months or more.

Having medical insurance can offer peace of mind and you may also wish to consider private medical insurance before you travel. for further advice.