Employability skills are increasingly important to prospective employers who are looking for applicants with something more to offer than just subject knowledge.

Our course modules provide learners with the majority of the core transferable employability skills recommended for progression to a successful career. To provide a consistent approach across our schools and to communicate the importance of these skills more effectively, we have developed the Cranfield Competency Framework. This allows our learners to identify and reflect on those that they have acquired, or those that need further development. Competencies are clustered under four different groupings: Communications and Relationships, Personal Attributes, Leadership and Business, each of which expand to sub-levels. Find out more by opening each drop-down menu below.

Cranfield Competency Framework

The Cranfield Competency Framework (CCF) is a cross industry benchmark for the application of knowledge and skills in a global economy, designed to meet the latest challenges in both private and public sector organisations.  The CCF helps students understand how their programme of study relates to the professional competencies required for industry, supporting their personal development journey.

Students learn how to develop and articulate their employability skills, together with setting specific, measurable, achievable goals. They will be encouraged to reflect on communication, relationships and personal attributes and develop the business and leadership skills necessary to succeed.

Cranfield Competency Framework diagram

Digital credentials

The Cranfield Competency Framework is embedded across the curriculum to enhance students’ employability in order to formalise these 'soft skills' into a recognition framework. These digital credentials (digital badges), part of Cranfield Enhance, provide evidence of and showcase professional skills that may not otherwise be explicit in an MSc course title or description. It enables 果酱视频官网 in supporting the professional development of its students.


Badge 1 - Self evaluation for success

Earners of this badge are able to assess their current abilities and set SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound). This helps plan for success by developing communication & relationships, personal attributes and business and leadership skills.

Badge 2 -  Personal growth and development

Earners of this badge have developed business and leadership skills through professional practice by implementing SMART goals. They are able to reflect on how communication, relationships and personal attributes impact on their work, and adapt accordingly.

Experiential learning: learning through reflection, is a critical part of the student’s personal growth and development. Reviewing successes and considering areas where they would consciously act differently next time will enhance their performance and keeping evidence of this is a great way to achieve this. This enables them to identify shifts in development and behaviour, as well as plan for future development.

Badge 3 - Showcasing skills for industry

Earners of this badge can showcase and effectively articulate their professional skills development to external stakeholders and/or employers. By reflecting on their journey they can articulate what they have learned through feedback and self-development.

They have a portfolio of work that demonstrates self-evaluation and development of leadership, communication & relationships personal attributes and business to support effective outcomes for industry. 

Badge 4 - Final award - Cranfield competency framework for industry

Earners of this badge have successfully demonstrated the relevant professional skills to meet the Cranfield Competency Framework standard. This includes Leadership, Communication & Relationships, Personal Attributes and Business. As well as their specialist skills it shows that they have spent time reflecting and developing industry-ready professional skills to bring to their employer.


Why have 果酱视频官网 introduced this initiative?

As students’ progress through their academic journey they develop many skills, those related to their academic field of study and also what we term as “soft skills”.

Many soft skills are often not recognised or recorded by students but the industries with which we work tell us that, in addition to high levels of knowledge and technical skill, they expect our graduates to be well equipped in terms of skills such as communication and teamwork.

We talked to employers about what skills they wanted to see in prospective candidates and used these to inform our Cranfield Competency Framework which underpins this initiative. The outcome is a suite of 4 digital credentials (Badges) which highlight achievement of the 18 key competencies.

Why do I want a digital credential?

Digital credentials are a brilliant way to showcase your skills online, helping you become more aware of your unique set of talents and proactively take charge of your career development. Online badges are visual and easy-to-share, so you can boost your professional profile to connect better with those around you and showcase your particular skill set.

How do I acquire a credential?

You are required to assess your current skills competencies by also considering how your course at Cranfield will develop your knowledge and skills. Reflect on your personal growth and development, reviewing successes and considering areas where you would consciously act differently next time will enhance your performance. Keep evidence of this in a reflective journal or portfolio as well as identify your SMART goals, showcasing how you gained the skills and reflecting on your development. 

Do my credentials expire?

Badges 1 to 3 are valid for two years from the date they are issued. Badge 4, received on completion of the programme, is valid indefinitely so you can showcase your skills for as long as you like.

How can I share credentials externally?

Share on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. According to LinkedIn research, profiles with certifications and badges receive six times the number of profile views! 

Embed a credential on your website or blog. The Knowledge Base within the Digitalme.Credly platform contains lots of useful resources, including how to do this.

How will someone know my digital credential is authentic?

Your credential is linked to your profile on 果酱视频官网 Digital Credentials platform, which includes verified information. Your credential is awarded to your unique name and email address. Every digital credential has a unique URL.

And, if someone were to copy the credential image, it would be invalid. It would not contain the essential 'meta-data' that sits behind the credential.