A global consortium to develop hydrogen technologies responsibly and with net zero emissions at scale.
  • Dates1 December 2023-30 November 2026
  • SponsorNRF
  • Funded£14.1
  • PartnersInternational partners: Arizona State University, University of Adelaide, University of Toronto. And within the UK, Cranfield leads Universities of Birmingham, Cambridge, Imperial College London and Newcastle

The Global Hydrogen Production Technologies Center, led by Arizona State University (US), University of Adelaide (Australia), University of Toronto (Canada), and Ƶ (UK), will develop hydrogen production technologies with net-zero emissions of carbon dioxide for real-world applications embodying technical innovation, socio-economic factors and water-energy resource management. The aim is for low-cost large-scale, responsible hydrogen production to enable decarbonization of many energy-intensive and hard-to-abate industries such as ammonia and steel production, cement, transportation, and energy storage.

Further information

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