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Areas of expertise

  • Applied Informatics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computing, Simulation & Modelling
  • Digital Agriculture


Tomasz Kurowski is a researcher in bioinformatics with a background in biotechnology and software development. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in Medical Biotechnology from the Silesian University of Technology in 2011 and a MSc in Applied Bioinformatics from 果酱视频官网 in 2013.

He has experience in genomics and transcriptomics, with a particular focus on genome assembly and whole genome sequencing methods, as well as genotyping and genetic mapping of important phenotypic traits.

He has also worked on the development of high-performance, Web-enabled software tools which allow for visualizing and interacting with large scale data sets, such as the SMIS system which applies Machine Learning and Big Data approaches to soil management in agricultural production (

Current activities

Tomasz Kurowski's research interests focus on high-performance algorithms and software solutions for biological data management and use, especially in the field of genomics. He aims to leverage high-performance computing solutions to enable biologists to make use of large scale biological data though highly responsive and robust interfaces.

He is currently working on the assembly and mapping of red raspberry (Rubus idaeus) genomes as part of a project which investigates the genetics of adventitious rooting in horticultural crops.


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