Answers to some frequently asked questions relating to Cranfield's continuing professional development (CPD) courses can be found below.


What programme is most suitable for me?

This depends on what you or your organisation wants to gain from the programme. Try our or contact our Professional Development Team on

What if the course I would like to attend has no dates advertised?

Please complete our enquiry form or, alternatively, contact us.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Cancellations and transfers are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

What do I do if I need to apply for a visa?

Only on receipt of the full course fee will your booking be guaranteed. For those who need to obtain a visa to enter the UK, please ensure that you allow enough time after we receive payment for your application to be processed. The contains information that may be of help in this process.

How do I register?

You can register via our online application form, which can be found on each course page. More information can be found on our CPD Application Process page

Do you deliver bespoke/in-house courses?

We can deliver a number of our programmes on a bespoke basis, either at your chosen location or at the University. Should you have a specific training requirement for your organisation, we may also be able to offer a customised programme. Please contact us for further information.

How do I get to 果酱视频官网?

Directions and further information for visitors can be found under the following links:

Cranfield campus

果酱视频官网 at Shrivenham

How do I make payment of course fees?

Once your registration has been approved, our Finance Team will raise an invoice. Full details on how to make a payment and contact details will be provided on your invoice. Invoices are generally raised within 10 days of approval.

The question that I want to ask is not here – who should I contact?

Please email

Attending a course

What should I wear while attending a programme?

The dress code while on the programmes is smart-casual. You may be required to wear more formal attire at some evening events, but you will be informed of this in your programme joining instructions.

If you are attending a programme at the Shrivenham site, dress for all military personnel is normal 'service' working dress. Civilian students are requested to be smart-casual.

Who can I expect to be on the programme with me?

Our programmes attract a varied and diverse range of people from all sectors and levels of experience. The peers on your chosen programme will be of the same calibre as yourself, and will be facing similar business challenges - this is what makes attending an open programme so unique.

Do I need to buy the course material?

No, this is included in the cost. Lecture notes will be provided either electronically or as printed materials.

Should I bring my laptop?

You may find it useful to bring your laptop or tablet with you. Some of our programmes issue electronic notes - you will be advised of this in your joining information.

Who should I inform about special dietary requirements?

You will have the opportunity to tell us about any dietary requirements on your application form. Alternatively, once you are booked onto a programme you should advise our Professional and Technical Development Team of any dietary requirements, or any other requirements you may have, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Can I take courses for credit?

A number of our professional development programmes are also modules from our award-bearing MSc courses. These programmes give delegates the option to gain credits. Registering for the accredited short course and successfully passing the associated assessment* will gain you Cranfield credit points, which you could then apply to transfer towards a postgraduate award. Alternatively, by registering for the non-accredited short course, you will not qualify for Cranfield credits but will gain a certificate of attendance. If you would like to discuss the option of taking credit further, please contact or, for our Shrivenham site,

*The assessment may be an assignment or it could be a formal examination. Not all examinations are taken during the course and may mean returning to 果酱视频官网 at a later date.


Cranfield campus

On the Cranfield campus we have two hotels available to delegates: Mitchell Hall and .

For some programmes, it is recommended that delegates stay on campus, although this is not compulsory. Where this is the case, an accommodation package is offered on the individual programme page. Should you wish to book this package, please indicate this on your application form. 


果酱视频官网 does not own or manage accommodation at Shrivenham. You will find more information on our Accommodation at Shrivenham page.