You may have graduated, but you can still have invaluable access to the latest thinking in management, technology and industry.

Cranfield alumni can enjoy the benefits of a free online library service, Alumni Library Online (ALO), wherever you are in the world. There are thousands of articles, reports, research papers, and publications that can help you:

  • Find information to support job hunting and interview preparation.
  • Keep up-to-date in your chosen topic.
  • Learn about new areas of research and current trends.
  • Develop your employability skills.
  • Keep in touch with what Cranfield is doing.
  • Seek advice on conducting your own research. 

Your ALO gives you:

  • Premium open access to online resources 鈥 thousands of free full-text articles, reports, and theses.
  • Links to subject-specific resources - a collection of links to free, high-quality websites selected by our information specialists to support your personal development.
  • Mendeley - a free library reference-building tool.
  • Access to CERES and CORD 鈥 Cranfield鈥檚 research repositories of articles, papers, and research data.
  • Online support for conducting your own research via SAGE Research Methods Online.

How to access your ALO service

To get started follow the instructions below, or alternatively read our article.

  • Log in to your 
  • Scroll down the page and click on Alumni Library Online
  • Browse the Web pages and Databases to explore the resources.
Forgotten your portal login?
Please email the Alumni team
  Any other questions?
Contact your ALO team

The legal bit - 
terms and conditions

The Alumni Library Online service is provided to support your individual personal and professional development. It must not be used for commercial purposes, and you must not share your access details with others.

Who can use the Alumni Library Online Service?

Anyone who is a graduate of 果酱视频官网.

When can I start using the Alumni Library Online Service?

As soon as you have received your alumni portal login details. If you have any queries about your login please contact the Alumni team.

How much does the Alumni Library Online service cost?

Nothing, it is free!

Can I access the same databases I used when I was a student at Cranfield?

It will not be possible for you to access the same databases you used as a student due to licence restrictions. We only have a limited range of databases that alumni can use, primarily for personal development. This includes:

  • ABI/INFORM Global (Alumni)
  • AIAA Journals and Meeting Papers
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Digital Collection
  • ASTM Compass (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • EBSCO Business Source Alumni
  • Emerald Journals
  • Firsthand (Formerly Vault)
  • Fitch Connect (Formerly BMI Research)
  • ICE Virtual Library (Institute of Civil Engineers)
  • IEEE ASPP Online
  • IWA Journals (International Water Association)
  • Sage Journals
  • Sage Research Methods Online

Can I borrow books if I join the Alumni Library Online Service?

No, our service is an online service only. You are welcome to come into the libraries and use our books for reference purposes, but you are not be able to borrow them.

Can I access the eBooks within the Library Catalogue?

No, unfortunately our licences do not allow alumni to do this at the moment but we are actively raising the issue with our vendors.

Is it possible to come to Cranfield to use the libraries and their resources?

Alumni are always welcome to visit us, but due to our licence restrictions there are only a few databases available for walk-in users. Please contact us first so we can check if the services and resources you want to use are available for you.

How can I check if the journal I want to access is available through this service?

Please contact us and we will check if it is available for you.

Can I access the full text articles from the Harvard Business Review through this service?

No, but you can read abstracts of the articles.

I have a question that isn't answered above

Please contact the Alumni Library Online team by calling +44 (0)1234 754444 or emailing

Terms and conditions of use

Alumni Library Online is not for commercial use in the workplace. As this is an online service, we are unable to lend you any books. Please read the following terms and conditions which apply to all members of Alumni Library Online when they are using electronic resources licensed by 果酱视频官网.

Library Services – confidentiality undertaking (pdf, 23kb)

Databases – conditions of use (pdf, 47kb)