Working with business, and underpinned by fundamental science and innovation, our research develops novel methods in informatics and data sciences. We create opportunities in the agricultural sector, supplying technological innovation, ensuring resilience in food production and the supply chain.

The application of sensor technology, coupled with informatics and data science, have led (in other industrial sectors) to an extremely rapid transformation of massive-scale data acquisition to formulate and rationalise management decisions and systems. This transformation has yet to be fully realised in the agricultural sector.

In the agricultural sector, we are using policy and industry-led approaches to support sustainable, profitable agrifood business.

Working with us

Our facilities, datasets and assets are internationally unique, and our research reflects our global reach and resources. We use state-of-the-art facilities for sensing and remote sensing of the plant/soil/water interface. We are interested in sensor technology and its development, data acquisition systems, informatics and data sciences applied to agricultural systems.

Our facilities

Our research, consultancy and training activities are underpinned by world-class facilities and service resources that are unique to Cranfield:

  • Agri-tech Centres
  • 3D visualisation suite
  • Phenotypography platform
  • Agri-informatics laboratory
  • Sensor laboratory

Clients and partners

We are supported by funding from UK Government and funding bodies (research councils, Innovate UK, Wolfson, Defra), EU research programmes and through our industry partners and Agri tech partners ( and ).