Cranfield seeks to make sure it has relevant and up-to-date procedures and regulations that are legally compliant as well as representing the University's interests and our stakeholders. Our policies and other legally required documents can be found below.

Learning, teaching and research

Information governance

Freedom of Information
How we comply with the Freedom of Information Act, and how you can request information from us. Find out more

Privacy Policy
The University's Privacy Policy outlines how we protect each visitor’s privacy and explains what and how we collect, store, use and protect the information gathered from our websites. Find out more

Environmental Information Regulations
How we comply with the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, and how you can request information from us. Find out more

Public Sector Information Regulations
How 果酱视频官网 Information Services (Libraries) comply with the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015.

Information Security Policy
A clear guidance framework that safeguards the reputation of 果酱视频官网 and protects information systems and their users.

Data Protection Policy
This policy is applicable to all members of 果酱视频官网 that process personal data, including for example staff, students and contractors.


Energy and environment

Financial statements

Procurement - terms and conditions of purchase

Export control

The University is committed to complying with export control regulations. Export controls are required for a variety of reasons, including national security and international treaty obligations. In the UK, the control of strategic goods and technology is undertaken by the . Export control rules do not just apply to commercial export but to all kinds of academic activity, including teaching and research. In some cases, academics may need an export licence to carry out an activity.

For further information please contact Chris Buckland.

Annual academic and skills report to Council

Risk management