Our shared, stated values help to define who we are and underpin everything we do. They were developed with the active engagement of colleagues across the University, and keeping them alive will ensure we’re all working in an organisation that we’re proud of.

Each of our four values are supported by a high-level statement and framework to guide the way we behave and shape our decisions.


  • We look for opportunities to innovate.
  • We challenge ourselves to do our best work and to inspire others.
  • We reward and celebrate success.
  • We learn from our mistakes.


  • We each play our part in making a difference.
  • We find better ways to do things and make it happen.
  • We achieve much more when we work across boundaries.
  • We deliver practical outcomes by working hand-in-hand with our partners.


  • We trust each other and work well together to achieve our goals.
  • We are flexible in the way we think and work.
  • We take time to listen and learn from each other and actively encourage different perspectives.
  • We care about everyone's wellbeing.


  • We value diversity and seek ways to increase it.
  • We provide opportunities for everyone to develop and flourish.
  • We build a team spirit in our individual teams and across the University.
  • We nurture collaborative relationships with students, partners and alumni.