This project seeks to develop novel compounds or formulations from medicinal and aromatic plants growing in arid areas of Morocco for use as biostimulants and bioprotectants in African agriculture.
  • DatesNovember 2019 to November 2023
  • SponsorOCP group
  • Partners果酱视频官网, Rothamsted Research, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

This project is designed to contribute to a bioeconomy that utilises medicinal and aromatic plants locally grown in Morocco for the provision of novel chemical entities (secondary metabolites) that can be used as biostimulants and/or bioprotectants to enhance agricultural production.

Fifteen medicinal/aromatic plants have been identified and subjected to a feasibility screen to assess their phytochemical composition. Selected species will be considered for in-depth study using a metabolomics approach that employs nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, high performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography to comprehensively profile their metabolomes. Novel metabolites will be identified, characterised, and their bioeffect, together with that of extracts, will be investigated in biostimulant and bioprotectant assays to check whether they can enhance crop yield and growth attributes or reduce the incidence of pests and pathogens in crops.

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Associated academics

Dr Maria Anastasiadi and Professor Leon Terry (果酱视频官网).
and (Rothamsted Research).
Professor Abdelaziz Yasri (Mohammed VI Polytechnic University).