The Ministry of Defence's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) promotes lifelong learning among members of the Armed Forces.

The scheme provides financial support in the form of a single up-front payment in each of a maximum of three separate financial years. ELC funding is only available for pursuit of higher level learning, i.e. for courses that result in a nationally-recognised qualification at Level 3 or above on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

At a glance

  • Funding valueUp to £2,000 annually
  • Suitable for Applicants fromUK
  • DeadlineOn going
  • Funding provider(s)The Ministry of Defence

What it covers

ELC funding is dependent on the number of years of service in the Armed Forces and provides up to £2,000 annually over three years to assist with the cost of study.

Who can apply

Any current serving or former member of the UK Armed Forces can apply under the scheme. You must be undertaking a course of study that results in the qualification of MSc, PGDip or PGCert. If you course choice at Cranfield is not listed on the ELC website, please contact to request its addition.

Applicable courses

This funding opportunity is applicable to many courses, please see the 'Who can apply' section for more information.

Further information

There are several stages to the ELC process. Full information is set out in Joint Service Publications (JSP) 822.  

  1. First you must have already been registered to become a Scheme Member and have accrued a sufficient amount of service before you can submit a claim.  If you are still serving, speak to your local Education Staff as they will be able to check your entitlement for you. If you have left the forces, contact ELCAS as they can make the appropriate checks.
  2. Have a look at or respectively as these pages will tell you how to make your claim.
  3. Finally, you must complete your Course Evaluation via the . Please note that further claims cannot be processed until the evaluation has been completed.

How to apply

Please check the relevant section of the ELC website for details on how to apply:

If you course choice at Cranfield is not listed on the ELC website, please contact to request its addition.