Postgraduate Degree Programmes at 果酱视频官网

We offer a variety of postgraduate degree programmes for you to advance your career. Our team will support you regardless if you are studying Business Administration, Management and Entrepreneurship or one of the School of Water, Energy, and Environment courses. In addition to running entrepreneurship modules, we also provide a range of extra-curricular activities that can support your entrepreneurial journey. 

2016 05 Photoshop TwoBoys Blue Teaser 01Are you interested in obtaining an MSc degree in Entrepreneurship, learning how to start your own business, grow your family business or drive entrepreneurial growth and strategic renewal in an existing organisation through corporate entrepreneurship? Take a look at our Management and Entrepreneurship MSc, this stimulating and challenging programme will develop your entrepreneurial mindset and capabilities and is designed to provide you with a broad and practical foundation in entrepreneurship.

We also deliver a range of compulsory and elective modules in Entrepreneurship to students on a number of other programmes, including the Executive MBA and Full-time MBA at the School of Management, and also the MSc Energy and Design Thinking programmes. These modules are designed to promote productive and self-sustaining entrepreneurship, whilst also helping students to prepare for the risky, uncertain and challenging environment associated with new business ventures. These electives will take you along the entrepreneurial life cycle and provide you with a rigorous grounding in business analysis of entrepreneurship. You will learn the basics of entrepreneurship and develop your entrepreneurial mindset, the skills that you learn can be utilised in a corporate context or you can advance your ideas by attending one of our free entrepreneurship workshops as part of our extracurricular activities.

Extra-curriculum Activities

Blackboard with lightbulbsIdeas to Innovation - i2i Programme
i2i targets PhD communities, early career researchers and mid-managers from the private and public sector. In 2019, the programme ran for the 41st time since its creation at the Cambridge-MIT Institute in 2002. During this 4-day programme, you will develop an understanding of who can benefit from your research and how to build a successful business model. We will prepare you to pitch your business idea at the end of the programme and over the course of the programme you will gain confidence which will enable you to apply your knowledge and skills to create new ventures or support existing ones in a proactive and innovative manner.

2016 05 Photoshop atriumgroup grey teaser 01Start-Up Weekends
The purpose of Start-Up Weekends is to provide a safe-space for students, staff and researchers to test the viability of their business ideas. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about ideas from right across the campus, build interim teams and thrash out ideas so that we can help you find viable business opportunities. We will give you the concepts you need to understand to start a business and our experienced mentors will help you over the three days to test, develop and pitch your ideas. At the end of the weekend, you will be provided feedback and advice on how to take your idea to the next level. 

Entrepreneurship Speaker SeriesEntrepreneurship Speaker Series
In February and November, you will hear from leading entrepreneurs who will take you through their journey and the challenges that they faced whilst growing their business. These events are an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who share your interest in entrepreneurship, this is also a chance to ask real-life entrepreneurs questions about their business journey. 

VCIC is a global MBA competition that requires MBA students to act as venture capitalists. On the day, they are required to go through the entire VC investment process, including reviewing real business plans, conducting due diligence, creating term sheets and negotiating with real entrepreneurs, all within a very condensed time period. For the last four years, we have hosted the Europe North Regional Finals at Cranfield. In addition to this, we have sent one team every year to the Europe South Regional Finals.

What else is going on across the University?

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