Transforming the practice of management

Cranfield School of Management, founded in 1965, was one of the very first institutions in the UK to offer the MBA.

It was designed from the start, not as a theoretical academic ivory tower, but as a meeting place for practitioners and educators, people who wanted to transform the world of work. This thread runs through to the present day in our institutional mission of “transforming the practice of management”.

This mission has underpinned our triple-accredited MBA programmes for 50 years. We recognise both the need to engage closely with the real world of business, and we passionately believe that, ultimately, people make the difference. How do we achieve this? By continuing to interact with business on a daily basis and by focusing on the power of people.

So Cranfield is different, it is a university with a long tradition of excellence in the things that matter, and a School of Management that continues to innovate and to lead. A place where learning embraces practice, so that knowledge leads to action and where our flagship MBA programmes deliver a practical, purposeful and powerful learning experience, helping to transform today’s high potentials into the leaders of tomorrow.

Our MBA programmes help our students develop robust leadership skills, and a broad range of management tools and techniques which make them in high demand in the fast-moving world of business, where management skills are often at a premium.