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Promoted by recent events, industry leaders tell us that their strategic orientation is changing, their operating models are evolving, what worked in the past may be no longer relevant in the future.

New opportunities are emerging faster than ever, leaders and managers need to be equipped to understand their options, make decisions, develop strategy and mobilise teams to execute plans and operations.

What’s our response? We call it Leadership for Good. We are a new breed of business school, sensitive to world events and operating at the unique intersection between industry and academia, redefining executive education for organisations and individuals with high quality, innovative, full-service corporate learning solutions that are transformative by design.

We engage with clients early on in their journey allowing them to place learning at the heart of their business, using it as a strategic lever to deliver sustainable competitive advantage. By thinking of executive education as a strategic lever, our approach enables clients to unlock potential and realise more value, achieving greater impact, faster as a result of their investment.

Why we are different

Early engagement

We seek to understand your strategic orientation and develop a learning strategy that will drive delivery of your organisational goals.

Setting the agenda

We engage with you from the beginning of the learning design process to define what will be right in your context and for your people.

Policy development

Our impact aims to reach beyond isolated learning interventions and deliver benefits to your people, organisations and the greater society.

The extra mile

It is within our nature to go beyond the commercial brief by dedicating the necessary time to getting to know you, your business, your people and your unique context.

Philanthropic approach

We work at the intersection between academia and business, adopting the deep-rooted ethos of delivering education for the greater good.

Value creation continuum

We aim to drive value throughout your organisation, from initial engagement all the way through to delivery and continued impact assessment.

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Our accelerated design, delivery and executive education roll out methodology enables our clients to gain advantage over their competitors. This is achieved as our clients’ leaders, managers and top 100 populations are galvanised to development experiences that are designed to equip them to overcome their challenges, realise their potential and succeed.

By combining our resources with our international partners, we are able to roll out large scale solutions globally, across borders and cultures.

For organisations seeking to be at the vanguard of learning, our fully managed outsourced leadership academy model boasts advantages such as improved learning impact, cost benefits, agility, scalability, latest thinking and learning methodologies. By enhancing your employee value proposition with a leadership and management development proposition delivered by a triple accredited university, will serve to enhance your employer brand and position you ahead of your competition.

Our leadership

We believe that it is our people that collectively make us the world-class executive development provider that we are. We are fortunate to have a diverse range of people from across the globe with a breadth of specialisms.

Our people
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