Cranfield has won support from The Royal Academy of Engineering’s Visiting Professor Scheme, enabling two industry leaders to join the University. Aviation manufacturing specialist Amer Liaqat from Airbus joins as a Visiting Professor in Aerospace Manufacturing and Automation, and Dr Keith Wishart, Executive Partner in IBM as Visiting Professor of Digital Engineering and Sustainability.

Enhancing aerospace and manufacturing programmes

Amer Liaqat, Technology Project Manager within Airbus Operations Ltd, brings a wealth of experience in the development and implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies within the Aerospace Industry. He will provide perspectives on current and future aerospace manufacturing needs for engineering graduates to help students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to hit the ground running when they join the industry.

The appointment supports Cranfield’s aim to develop new courses in industrially focused robotics, and further enhances the student experience.

Amer Liaqat, incoming Visiting Professor said: “I am very pleased about this appointment and the opportunity to work with 果酱视频官网 which is recognised globally for its excellence in aerospace research.

“I hope to take part in the course development and add industry relevant content to the taught module, giving students a broader knowledge of project management, manufacturing systems engineering and the application of automation technology within the aerospace industry.

“Mentoring is also a key part of this role and I am happy to provide advice and support to the students to help them achieve their career goals”.

Professor Phil Webb, Royal Academy of Engineering and Airbus Chair in Industrial Robotics and Assembly at 果酱视频官网 said: “Amer’s depth of experience will enhance our aerospace and manufacturing programmes and connect us even more closely to industry developments. His enthusiasm for delivery and development of our programmes as a Visiting Professor is fantastic, and he is set to be an inspirational figure for our students.”

Digital engineering expertise to enhance Cranfield programmes

Over the next three years, Dr Wishart is set to help develop Cranfield’s programmes in the areas of digital engineering, energy transition, AI, data analytics and emerging technologies such as quantum computing.

Prior to a 25-year business career, Dr Wishart completed a PhD in AI at Sheffield University followed by post-doctoral research at University College London, where he lectured and published on AI Visual Recognition Systems. Dr Wishart brings experience from his role at IBM, where he leads the Digital Engineering practice, and from years in industry working across a range of industrial, energy and environmental sectors.

Dr Wishart said: "Over the next three years I will be supporting the educational development of Cranfield's Advanced Masters in Digital Energy Systems, supporting the co-creation of new Digital Engineering Apprenticeships and providing broader input into the university across a range of digital topics including GenAI and the sustainable energy transition. My thanks to Prof Chris Fogwill, Prof Nazmiye Ozkan and Dr Ali Alderete-Peralta for their support and I look forward to our future partnership."

The Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor Scheme supports the appointment of experienced industrial engineers, entrepreneurs, or consultants as Visiting Professors in engineering academic units at UK universities. This industry-into-academia initiative aims to utilise the knowledge and experience of the Visiting Professor (VP) to enhance student learning as well as improve the employability and skills of UK engineering graduates while strengthening university partnerships with industry. These Visiting Professor positions were supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering under the Visiting Professors FY2324 - Round 10 programme.